Yes, the rules look very bulky, but a lot of them are very painfully obvious and they're very basic, although you should at least skim, even though you'll be held accountable for any rule-breaking shenanigans. You don't need to have them completely memorized as there will not be a quiz.

Before reading, please note that due to the site's mature nature,
you must be at least 15 to join.


-- You may have as many characters as you wish. We ask you to have them on separate accounts and to keep them active.
-- New account usernames are no big deal. You can have whatever username you like, but please, once your character has been accepted, change your display name to your character's first and last name (if they have one).
-- Please do not post unfinished character biographies in Pending. If you post an unfinished biography in Pending, it will immediately be moved to denied. It's just too much work to monitor whose application is finished and whose is still unfinished.
-- Please use the character application template when you sign up for a new character. If it does not follow this template, then your character will be moved to denied and you will be able to try again using the template.
-- No Mary Sues. A Mary Sue is a character who generally is very glamorous or has very few flaws. If you're not sure of what a Mary Sue is, you can check Wikipedia's article on them. If you don't know whether or not your character is a Mary Sue, you can either take this test or ask one of the moderators to look your character's application over for you in private.
--When PM'ing staff, please send to their main accounts. If you have any questions/concerns and wish to PM a staff member, send it to their main account. (The main account for each staff member is the one listed in the staff box in the sidebar.)


-- There is a 100 minimum word count, but more is expected. Please at least attempt to maintain pace with whoever you are roleplaying with (for example, if someone posts 600 words for you, try to scrape up to at least 400 words for them
-- giving the bare minimum to someone who is giving you way more is simply rude).

-- No sexual content allowed. Proboards has been cracking down on this rule big time and since I am an active advertiser on Support, they will be checking my forum. Sorry, guys.
-- No god-modding. If you're in a thread with someone and want to auto-hit an attack, make sure you have PERMISSION from the person you're posting with, or else you'll be asked to change your post by a staff member. This also means that you're not allowed to control other characters unless allowed by the user, along with no god complexes for the people controlling them.

For example:
Good: "Ash threw a punch Drew's way and hoped it would hit."
Bad: "Ash punched Drew in the face."
Really, really bad: (if you do this, we will be forced to beat you with a bag of hammers lecture you severely) "Ash punched Drew in the face and Drew flew backwards, his jaw dislocated. Drew then fell over and began crying like the little girl he was."

-- Do not kill someone's character unless they have given you permission. Death of Overmind characters must follow the same rule, except they can use their character thereafter.
-- Please make sure your posts are grammatically correct and in English. (Dialogue is an exception to this if your character speaks another language). We're not asking you to be English majors here, but make sure that it makes some sense.
-- Please keep a general posting order. That means if there are 3 people in a thread, the people reply in the order they entered.
-- Do not enter a thread after the first page unless you are given permission by all those already in the thread. Basically, a thread is considered "closed without invitation" after the first page unless you have plotted things out with the members beforehand.


-- No nudity or explicit content allowed!
-- Maximum graphic width is 550 pixels! It is highly recommended that everyone have a signature or at least an avatar of their character. We have a requests board you may post in if you cannot create one yourself. Signature graphics may only be 550 pixels wide, MAX. Any larger than that, and the page will stretch. You will then be asked to change your image or re-size it accordingly. Avatar height maximum is 200 pixels, while maximum width is 100 pixels. The standard for avatars is 100 x100 pixels.
-- Please use real people ONLY as face-claims, i.e. do not use anime or cartoons.
-- Use the face claims page after being accepted! Make sure you post in the Face Claim once your character has been accepted. Otherwise, if someone decides that they want that play-by, then it's fair game because your face claim is not posted. First come, first serve.
-- All characters are required to have a play-by. We are no longer accepting members using themselves as play-bys, and you're not allowed to use random stock photos! The person you use for your character needs to have a name, preferably a celebrity, but can also be a deviantart model or possible alternatives. If you're unsure, PM a staff member.


-- Protect your name! Be sure that once you have your name to protect it with a password, which can be done by clicking "profile" in the bottom right-hand corner of the chatbox.
-- Don't change your chatbox username too often. This is so that we are able to identify you and who you play without having to constantly ask.
-- Don't spam the chatbox. We don't allow nudity or explicit content, it goes against proboards' TOS.
-- No in-character roleplaying. There are boards for that. Plotting in the chatbox with others is fine.
-- Staff have the final word. Do not argue with a staff member's decision. If you have something to say, PM them.
-- If it gets too intense, take it to PM's. This is a public area, do not make a spectacle of your problems for all to see. Be respectful and take your fights elsewhere.
-- No flame baiting. Attacking someone will not be tolerated. Don't be a troll and don't feed the troll.
-- If you see something, screencap it. If someone is breaking a rule and a staff member is not on, screencap it and send it to a staff member so proper action can be taken.
-- Don't be a jerk and use common sense. Don't be cruel. The chatbox does allow swearing and mild teasing, but do not take this too far or you will be warned by staff.