In this version of the "zombie apocalypse", there is more available to you than just humans. See below for more information and don't forget to check out the ABILITIES thread.

These are NPCS (non-playable characters).

These are the zombies you see in the average zombie film or book. They feed off the flesh of the living - animals included. As a result, they will attack humans and Vampyres both, but do not bother with other minions of Satan. It is instinctial to not attack and eat those that control them and are creatures of Satan. Their bite and scratch are not infectious to living humans. They can run and they never get tired. So good luck trying to outrun them. They are not intelligent and their only driving force is hunger and the Overmind. They can be killed only through intense head trauma, for that cuts off the connection they have with the Overmind. They do not feel pain and they are not going to be held back by a missing arm. Once a human is dead and a lesser feasts on them, the dead human will come back to life as a lesser. This is how the world is still infested with the walking dead.

The speed of a Lesser depends on the stage of decomposition. If the body is nearly completely useless, the Lesser will not be able to move as easily as a fresher zombie. Lessers do not decompose at the normal rate of a dead body. Because of their supernatural nature, they are preserved almost. It takes a Lesser 3 years to become slow moving and easy to out maneuver. It is unknown how long it takes for a Lesser to become completely lame.

Pretty self-explanatory. They are incredibly resourceful (why do you think they've lasted this long?). They don't have supernatural strength or speed. They barter, which is their form of currency. No magical swords or scepters. You know, human. If a human is evil enough (really, really evil) they will be contacted by Satan, usually through a dream or some hallucination, to work under him. They are promised immense power and abilities in exchange for their soul.

**See Reavers
**Human Rogue simply means that they do not align with Safe Haven. They are usually wanderers or take residence in Abital.

These are a form of Satan's minions sent to Earth to reign destruction on earth's inhabitants. They are in control of the Lessers. They are driven by evil alone - the desire to fulfill their master's wish of total annihilation. Their 'bite' is infectious, and it will cause the human to transform into an a lesser unless the human agrees to strike a deal with the Overmind to become an Overmind themselves. The only way a human can turn into an Overmind is through a bite from another Overmind and the agreement to sell their soul. Those who are a turned Overmind may still hold a sense of morality, for Satan cannot corrupt the strong-willed. However, they are still driven by their contract, for if they break their contract, they will be actively hunted. Also, because they are an Overmind, when they are killed they go to Hell and Satan has his way with them (which is a big enforcer. Just think about what Satan can do to people who piss him off for the rest of eternity.)

Overminds, whether true or turned, have exceptional strength and speed. They are particularly devious and mischievous. They take the form of human, for Satan wanted them to have a degree of normalcy so they could blend in with the humans. They kill both humans and vampyres on sight (or attempt to). An Overmind is never truly killed. They can be destroyed by the same means a human, except in regards to sickness. However, they are returned to Hell and Satan decides whether to send them back to Earth or terminate them himself (maybe simply out of fun). The Overminds are immortal (don't age), though technically only five years old, for that is when the dead first walked, but because Satan created them, they are of 'mature' age unless he gives them a child's form.

Finally, Overminds are driven by all seven deadly sins, but each Overmind has one particular sin that dominates them. When you make an Overmind character, you must state which of the seven deadly sins they are most controlled by. The deadly sins are greed, gluttony, wrath, pride, envy, lust, and sloth. For definitions and information on the sins, follow this link.

While Overminds can control Lessers, they CANNOT make a Lesser attack another Overmind or Reaver. It goes against the basic instincts of the Lessers. Only through the ability Possession can an Overmind make a Lesser attack and that is only one Lesser. If two Overminds fight, they are on their own - no zombie hordes fighting for them. All Overminds have the ability to transform any corpse (unless the corpse was once a Lesser or their brain is destroyed) within half a mile radius into a Lesser.

**More info under Technicals

Vampyre was simply a name given to these different creatures by the humans. They are not exactly zombies. They aren't Lessers and they are not Overminds. The exact story behind them is they were failed Overminds. An Overmind can, through sheer will (strong sheer will) sever their bond with Satan. Or 'God' can intervene and ask the Overmind to repent and then the bond can be cut. They hold a sense of morality and 'right' and 'wrong' which is defined solely by the Vampyre himself. Like their evil counter-part, their bite is infectious, and any human bitten by a Vampyre will also turn into a Vampyre. So not all Vampyres were once Overminds.

However, all Vampyres suffer from a constant hunger for human flesh. They are similar to the Lessers in the fact that sometimes they cannot control themselves and they feast on the closest living thing with any meat on its bones. Before they feed on a human in particular, they usually kill them so they don't have to suffer the pain of being eaten and are not given a chance to turn. Some work with Humans but they are under constant watch, for they cannot be trusted because their hunger could overcome them. Like the Overminds, the Vampyres have increased strength and speed. The Vampyres are immortal like the Overminds. They can be killed like any human. However, they can maintain themselves by feasting on human flesh which increases their healing rate. If your Vampyre was once an Overmind, their original sin gets carried with them, though not as dominating, they are still drawn to that form of evil. So Vampyres who were originally Overminds, please tell us which sin they have. Also, regardless of whether or not a Vampyre was originally a human or a born Overmind, all will go to Hell and be tortured by Satan if they perish.

**More info under Technicals

Reavers are beasts of creatures, simply put. They stop at nothing except death itself. Once normal Humans just like everyone else, Reavers were the lowest of the low, the true evil of the fallen society. They were murderers and rapists, killers and thieves. Satan approached these Sinners and made them a simple offer; in exchange for their Soul they would be given limitless power. The power and abilities of Reavers mirror that of both the Overmind and Vampyre, except taken to a whole new level. When you see how easily an Overmind tears a Human apart, that is how easily a Reaver can destroy an Overmind and Vampyre. However, these monsters serve their Overmind Master without question because their soul is owned by Satan himself, and for that reason they are unable of denying the will of their Masters.

Reavers CANNOT be good in any way, and if a Reaver attempts to go back to God and all that's good they are pulled to the depths of Hell instantly; not that any Reaver would ever want to be a goody good again. The bodies of Reavers look exactly like that of other Humans, their personalities exactly the same as it had been before their transformation. The difference is an an anatomical level. Their bones are denser, their skin thicker and tougher. Their bodies heal faster than could be imagined and the only way to destroy them is by massive and serious blunt trauma to the skull until you manage to crack the damn thing. However, their senses are still identical to that of other Humans accept for their eyesight. Reavers ONLY see in night-vision, meaning during the day they are practically blind. Reavers are created by a simple one to one ratio, one Reaver per one Overmind, never anymore. Also, when a Reaver dies that's it, no coming back.
**More info under Technicals

*In order to assure us that you have read the required information, you must post 'Moscow' in your character bio. The p.as.sw.o.rd is Moscow.


Healing, Regeneration, & Injury

All supernatural creatures are living, breathing beings. They need the same things a human needs in regards to food, air, and sleep.

Overminds: Overminds heal at the same rate as humans, unless they are feeding on the flesh of a human. When injured, an Overmind can feed on the flesh of a human (the human does not need to be alive) to speed up the healing process. While feasting, their regeneration rate is the same as a Reaver's.

Vampyres: Vampyres heal at the same rate as humans unless they are feeding on the flesh of a human. The human does not need to be alive. While feasting, their regeneration rate is the same as a Reaver's.

Reavers: Reavers have increased healing rate at all times whether feasting on the flesh of a human or not. Eating the flesh of a human will not increase the healing speed of a Reaver even if they are suffering from a substantial injury.

A bullet wound can only be healed if the bullet is no longer in the body. The bullet is pushed out naturally by the body. It can take a few seconds to a minute depending on where the bullet is. If the bullet hits the heart, the Reaver will not die, but be incapacitated for a few minutes before it's finally pushed out of the body and the Reaver then regenerates. Point blank range to the head would kill a Reaver with ANY gun, even a small pistol. A rifle from across the park to the head would not kill a Reaver. Due to their dense bones, the bullet would ricochet off their head and stun them for a few seconds and hurt like hell.

In regards to drowning, a Reaver can hold their breath for fifteen minutes, but after that, they drown and cannot be resuscitated due to the brain shutting down after an extended period of time. Reavers, due to their dense bones and muscles do not float, but they can still swim. You can kill a Reaver by drowning them.

Fire is no problem for Reavers, but the brightness will also blind them for a short time.

It takes a Reaver 2 weeks to regrow a severed limb. A Reaver will not bleed out because the wound would close before that could happen.

Reavers have increased pain tolerance due to the constant adrenaline pumping through their veins, but they still feel pain. A bullet would still hurt like hell, but the moment the wound is healed, the pain is gone. Also, with extreme injuries, like humans, adrenaline is pumping through their veins, making the pain less severe. Because they still feel pain, a Reaver can still be incapacitated by pain. So take that time to run away. However, sometimes Reavers have exhibited cases of phantom pain. After an injury is healed, due to the brain not quite comprehending the rapid healing, they can still feel pain from that injury.

Comparative Strength and Speed

Overminds and Vampyres are the same in regards to speed and strength.

Reaver drop kicks a bus and it's sent backward a few yards.
Overmind drop kicks a bus and it's dented and tips over.
Vampyre drop kicks a bus and dents it and the bus tips over.
Why would a human drop kick a bus?

Reavers can sprint 4x faster than the average human: 61.4 mph.
Overminds can sprint 2.5x faster than the average human: 38.4 mph.
Vampyres can sprint 2.5x faster than the average human: 38.4 mph.
**Keep in mind sprinting can only last for a few seconds.

Light Sensitivity

Overminds: Increased light sensitivity. They can go outside when the sun is high with sunglasses and be hindered slightly. Overcast is only a little bothersome without sunglasses. They can see well in the dark but not perfectly.

Vampyres: Increased light sensitivity. They can go outside when the sun is high with sunglasses and be hindered slightly. Overcast is only a little bothersome without sunglasses. They can see well in the dark but not perfectly.

Reavers: Severe light sensitivity. Bright lights can temporarily blind a Reaver. Most Reavers do not go outside during the day light because they cannot see and it brings a severe head ache. Sunglasses only help slightly. A Reaver could theoretically use a helmet with thick dark shades to combat the sunlight. Because of this, they can see perfectly in the dark.

Hunger and Thirst

Overminds: Due to their evil nature, Overminds have a craving for human flesh, but they do not feel the constant urge for it like Vampyres. They need water, food, and sleep in order to survive like humans but they cannot get sick from eating rotten food or drinking unpurified water, so they often don't worry about the freshness of supplies.

Vampyres: Vampyres crave human flesh on a daily basis, especially if they see or smell blood. Sometimes this hunger can be too much for a Vampyre and a life of aiding the humans is impossible. For others, it is something they have learned to control, but they are always left unsatisfied unless they eat human flesh or drink human blood. Vampyres do not need to eat human flesh in order to survive, but the hunger is constant. Imagine always feeling hungry and there is only one thing that can sate your starvation. They need water, food, and sleep in order to survive like humans but they cannot get sick from eating rotten food or drinking unpurified water, so they often don't worry about the freshness of supplies.

Reavers: Unless it's a personal decision, Reavers don't eat the flesh of humans. They need water, food, and sleep in order to survive like humans but they cannot get sick from eating rotten food or drinking unpurified water, so they often don't worry about the freshness of supplies.

Formation and Severance of Overmind/Reaver Bond

It's a mental and physical bond that holds the two together and basically forces the Reaver to comply. A Reaver does have free will and they can disobey their Overmind, but it makes them feel sick in a sense and it is incredibly difficult because it's like second nature to obey their Overmind. It doesn't sit right with them to disobey due to the mental bond.

An Overmind can find a Reaver and forcefully make the Reaver theirs and the Reaver would have no say in the matter. It can also be a mutual agreement made by the two. And Satan can also assign a Reaver and Overmind. Most bonds are made through Satan assigning a Reaver to an Overmind.

An Overmind can send out a 'message' of sorts to bring their Reaver to them. It'll be like a tug toward the Overmind's location.

If an Overmind wanted to find their Reaver, they could. It would be in the same fashion. Kind of like a honing beacon. So, essentially, a Reaver is never free from their Overmind, and a Reaver is always 'on call'. A Reaver can also hone in on their Overmind. It might take longer due to the subservient position they have to the Overmind.

An Overmind can severe the bond they have with their Reaver at any time. Of course, getting a Reaver is considered an honor so even if they have difficulties with the Reaver, a Reaver is a valuable asset.

When an Overmind is killed, the Overmind is sent back to hell and the bond between the two weakens. The longer the Overmind is in hell, the weaker the bond gets until it is no longer felt. This can take anywhere between two weeks to a month. Time in hell is extended, so it feels longer to the Overmind. A month can feel like 6 to an Overmind in hell. When the bond is broken, a Reaver is then boundless and free to be assigned another Overmind.