The Mistress runs this joint. The lonely and desperate frequent Eve's Garden in hopes of filling the empty hole in their heart. Or they are just looking for a good time. The women of Eve's Garden aren't always the most attractive things, but they offer their bodies for supplies. The Duke completely endorses the Mistress's establishment, for it brings a steady flow of resources. People are always willing to pay for sex. There are also male escorts available for the lonely women... or men. Eve's Garden is a three story building not including the basement where the Arena is.

Vagabonds {Hisashi&Mistress}
by Saito Hisashi
Jul 22, 2014 18:34:58 GMT -4

In conjunction with Eve's Garden, the Mistress also runs the Arena which resides in the basement of Eve's Garden. It is the place to go if you want to see a good fight. One can either sign up to be in a match, or people are forced into a match. If someone pisses the Duke off, they might be forced to fight in a match. Some matches are even a fight to the death, but those are special occasions.

One Step At A Time [Amber/Hisashi]
by Amber Mathers
Jul 3, 2014 20:21:42 GMT -4

The nightclub operates under one simple rule: Don't fuck shit up too much. Anything goes in the nightclub. There's plenty of booze, music and drugs to make those who have been fortunate on their travels lose everything in one night. The Duke knows that The Crucible brings in a lot of resources seeing how everything requires something in return. The music is always loud and the company is always naughty.

First Time Patron|| Envy
by Brie "Phthonus" Adams
Jun 2, 2014 10:16:37 GMT -4

For those not interested in loud music but instead solemn drinking, the Den offers the quiet that the miserable seek. Liquor from bottles is nearly impossible to get, so the owners of the Den make their own moonshine. The alcohol is strong, but for those with enough to trade can manage to get something from the top shelf. Bar fights happen often, but there is no authority to stop them. The owners usually just kick them out so they can finish in the streets.

Give Me Reason || Blaine ||
by Patience Braith Caleotti
Sept 2, 2014 3:22:25 GMT -4

The Clinic might be the only thing the Duke hasn't been able to control completely. The Clinic is run by those seeking to do good. They have not yet been touched by the corruption that festers within the walls of Abital. The treatment methods are crude, for they do not have the resources that Safe Haven has. The treatment is free, but those working at the clinic will often ask for resources in exchange for their services. They do not often get charitable donations, for Abital isn't occupied by the altruistic.

Sinners & Saints || Gavin
by Gavin Adams
Jul 21, 2014 3:13:03 GMT -4

There are numerous buildings dedicated to the weary traveler, but Abital Inn is the most popular and largest establishment. Beds are available to those who can trade a few valuable items. Length of the stay isn't necessarily established. Some have made Abital Inn a permanent home. But every once and a while, if 'rent' isn't made, the inhabitant will be sent to the Blocks. If you want to stay in Abital, you have to give your share.

Hateful Needs || Valor
by Arabelle Valencia
Jun 3, 2014 20:11:32 GMT -4

At the center of town are a few cages. Some have skeletons while others have people dying of dehydration and starvation. These are the people who go against the Duke and break his laws, or people who just piss him off. It is meant as a reminder to those tempted to cause too much trouble. Those who go against the Duke will be punished and the death will be a slow and painful one.

So, This Is What Hell Looks Like || Missy
by Brandon Alenko
Jun 27, 2014 16:46:53 GMT -4

From sunrise to nightfall, the Market is open for business. It is always held in the center of town, right by the blocks: a reminder that people who try to steal or swindle the traders will be punished. People from all over Fort York come to Abital to make their trades. Because it is not as secured as Safe Haven, it is the ideal place for traders to come. Anything you can image can be found in the Market.

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This is where the Duke makes his main office. It is in the center of town, right by the Market and the Blocks. Anyone looking to have a meeting with the Duke first needs to speak to those working for him. The Duke will only approach those he finds interesting enough or those who have gone against his rule. Any back alley deals involving the Duke are often made here.

Of More Use to You||Envy/Gav?
by Brie "Phthonus" Adams
Jan 6, 2014 15:27:17 GMT -4

Those permanently living in Abital and those working directly under the Duke hang out here. When the mercenaries aren't on patrol, they usually come here. They often drink and bring women from Eve's Garden to keep them company. They are a dangerous bunch and even more so when they have been drinking for some time.

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While Abital is a dangerous town overall, anyone caught in the back alleys is sure to walk out with a broken limb or even not walk out at all. The back alleys in Abital are fierce and it's where the gangs of Abital make their home. They will rob anyone and they don't care for human life. It's a cut throat world and they are aware of this, using that fact to their advantage.

A Downward Spiral || Phoenix
by Phoenix "Nick" Knight
Jun 10, 2014 1:47:06 GMT -4


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