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Plagued is actually a few years old, and used to follow a different plot entirely! We're all a nostalgic lot, so we keep the old threads from over the years archived in this board. We also have a board dedicated to some of the most memorable threads ever written.

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Wilder Things ; a feral dog rp
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Masquerade || Emi's Roster and Tracker
by Deleted
Jul 26, 2014 13:48:03 GMT -4



The Necropolis is a Gothic-styled Cathedral that was raised from seemingly nowhere into the heart of the City. It's large stained-glass windows depict scenes of horror and carnage while the black marble shines in the light like a beacon of death. The Necropolis serves as the meeting place of all Overmind.

Trading Up || Freya/Ask
by Freya Moore
Apr 9, 2014 0:08:09 GMT -4

There are plenty of dead bodies for the Lessers to feast upon. Some people are still alive in the city, but their numbers are small, for more and more die each day. Overminds populate the area as well as Vampyres, both of them constantly against the other. There are some hideouts for each species including Humans, but most humans find themselves trying to escape and make it to the much fabled Safe Haven. The undead thrive here.

A moment's peace (open)
by Westley Avery
Sept 13, 2014 10:44:27 GMT -4

Once a place full of fun, games, and entertainment, Gregory Falls Theme Park is now crawling with Lessers. The rides are still and quiet. Blood stains the concession stands and the giant clown at the entrance seems more sinister than welcoming. Every once and a while, however, for whatever reason, the lights of the entire Theme Park will turn on and the rides will begin to move. Music will play over the speakers. The reason why is still unknown and the caretaker behind it is still a mystery.

Patience for the Deceived || The Patiences ||
by Patience "Lutta" Lovejoy
Sept 5, 2014 16:03:44 GMT -4

Containing the strongholds of the numerous races. It is not safe for anyone, but those who dare to venture on the front line often make their stand here.

Diamond Mind || Gavin
by Gavin Adams
Sept 19, 2014 0:33:50 GMT -4

The street that was once famous for its vast variety of shops now lies in ruins with dead, rotting bodies riddling the sidewalks and streets. It once stretched down with such authority and wonder, but now it's a dangerous and zombie-ruled area. Come here if you wish to go on a killing spree of Lessers, but chances are you won't get out alive. There are places where people hide, but there are so few.

Food for thought {Aergia}
by “Aergia” Sophia Jeong
Jul 29, 2014 22:18:41 GMT -4

While in the Infested area of Fort York, the museum is nearly entirely devoid of life or the dead, considering it was one of the last places for people to go during the onslaught of the apocalypse. Very little was stolen or broken into and, besides being dusty and dirty, the museum is in pretty decent shape.

If I Stay || Gavin
by Kevala Kaines
Sept 10, 2014 14:12:34 GMT -4

Now dingy and shattered, the hospital has broken bottles and rotting corpses. There are a few stashes of medicine still lying around the place, but you have to look very hard as well as break into things.

Eye on the prize (open)
by Westley Avery
Sept 14, 2014 11:04:23 GMT -4

This building was nearly abandoned after the fall of civilization, although now it's run over by Lessers. Reavers and Overminds occasionally take shelter here when the sun is out.

Nostalgia. (Private/Michael Saint James/Kevala)
by Kevala Kaines
Aug 21, 2014 11:50:43 GMT -4

Home to thousands of students and teachers... or at least it once was. Fort York University was a big state school, comparable to Penn State, Indiana University, Arizona State University, etc. Because of the massive amount of people in the school, Fort York University is overrun with Lessers and is extremely dangerous to non-minions of Satan.

what do you gain [open]
by Dakota Sage Verona
Sept 10, 2014 23:10:26 GMT -4

Once a huge football field honoring the Fort York Devils, the stadium has since been overrun by Lessers. Because the stadium is so big, it might provide an adequate training ground for those trying to brush up on their Lesser-killing skills. The football team is now defunct, but the logo still decorates a large portion of the stadium.

Blood Moon || Phoenix
by Phoenix "Nick" Knight
Aug 24, 2014 1:20:22 GMT -4

Once a bustling mode of transportation, the train station is now riddled with Lessers. They roam almost as if out of habit. A train sits in the station, the last one to ever transport people from destination to another. Bodies rot inside the train, evidence that people were trapped inside with the walking dead. Although it is a very dangerous place to be, valuable scraps of metal and reusable resources can be scavenged here.

Tread Carefully || Lenny & OPEN
by Jason Nauls
Jul 27, 2014 23:03:09 GMT -4

Beneath the city of Fork York, there was once one of the most sophisticated underground transportation systems in the country. Some think that’s one of the reasons it fell so quickly to the zombies. With the constantly moving of people, Overminds and Reavers had little difficult traveling from one part of the city to another. The subway linked two of the most densely populated areas (along with other parts of the city): 4th Street and Main Street. The subway is still operational if you know how to use mechanics.

Sixth Sense {Aergia&Ku}
by “Aergia” Sophia Jeong
Jul 29, 2014 22:24:13 GMT -4

With countless humans trying to flee during the onslaught of the apocalypse, the airport is a disaster zone. Nearly the entire building is in ruins and it is packed with Lessers, consisting mostly of those who had tried to fly out of Fort York in a panic. Few humans or Vampyres dare venture into such a dangerous area, while Overminds and Reavers are able to flourish and easily search for supplies… that is, if they can bear the filth and overwhelming stench of the dead.

a great beyond || talon
by Priya Kapoor
Jul 14, 2014 18:26:32 GMT -4



These streets - compared to 4th Street - are relatively calm. The Black Bull Bar can be found along these streets and a few lessers roam them, but they are easy to avoid. Humans and Vampyres can usually be found holes up somewhere in the abandoned buildings. A few gangs have made themselves a new home in the old office buildings and shops. Just because there aren't as many zombies roaming around doesn't mean these streets are any less dangerous. Humans can be just as ruthless as zombies.

To Deserve Pity - [OPEN]
by Deryk Serino
Jul 15, 2014 4:34:57 GMT -4

Gary is the man behind the scenes of the bar. This man has a stock hold of all kinds of alcoholic beverages. The doors are always locked but he opens up to anyone who looks human. He has the place fortified to keep Lessers away, but because it's in the Middle Grounds, there aren't many undead around. He trades alcoholic drinks for anything he considers valuable. People often come to get a sense of what life used to be like.

My Porcelain Life || Tristan
by Mitzi May
Sept 15, 2014 4:01:21 GMT -4

This was once the hot spot for any kind of theater. It was no Broadway, but it was able to holds its own in memorable performances. Now the curtains are torn and the wood of the stage rotted. Some people say the actors still roam the stage, hungry for flesh.

Luring the Pantheress || Kevala
by Michael "Hybris" St. James
Jul 15, 2014 23:01:31 GMT -4

Once a place of great learning, the Library was one of the most prestigious in the whole country, but now it is little more then a ruin. The Library was once the shelter of the Raiders, and was fortified by them. In recent months, the Library was attacked and destroyed by Gregory Slade, and now stands only a burned-up ruin where countless lesser corpses remain. There are few salvageable weapons to be found here, but any raiders who find you here will attack on-sight.

Below Gravity {Phoenix}
by Phoenix "Nick" Knight
Jul 23, 2014 20:04:20 GMT -4

There are a few Lessers wandering around, but there aren't many, for it is the middle ground. Small animals such as ducks, squirrels, and birds still live here as if nothing in the world has changed. There a placid pond in the middle and there are still a few row boats that used to be rented out along the shore.

Lumière Mourante || {Pothos&Bratface}
by Patience Braith Caleotti
Aug 23, 2014 16:25:07 GMT -4

Once a heavy traffic spot, the York Royal Bridge is now riddled with abandoned and crashed cars. Even if you were to find a working car, getting if off the bridge is impossible. There is no way to navigate the bridge except by walking across it, which isn’t always the best plan. The bridge is often a war zone with people from both sides of the war trying to cross it. Overminds and Reavers often use the bridge as an ambush point, for it is easy to catch humans and Vampyres and corner them. There is no way off the bridge when trapped except by jumping.

What The Dawn Brings || OPEN TO ALL
by Evan Nesbitt
Dec 30, 2014 2:00:34 GMT -4

This was once an area of activity. Trades and deals and simple businessmen often got their material through exports. Now, the water is still and quiet. Some ships are still chained to the dock, many are floating aimlessly in the water just off shore or crashed into the concrete embankment. Rogues are drawn here for the possible supplies, and the dead are drawn here for the living not clever enough to escape.

Nothing will prevail {Jean&Max}
by Jean Jacque Bouchard
Aug 22, 2014 20:13:43 GMT -4

Adjacent to the Shipping Docks, the warehouses were once places where evil-doers came to settle business problems. It was run by the prominent mob. Now, the warehouses are dirty, filled with broken crates and random objects lying around. Traces of rogues and some looted goods are ripe for the picking in this human hotspot.

Out of Practice || Michael
by Kevala Kaines
Sept 9, 2014 11:51:41 GMT -4

Once a place of congregation and worship, St. Peter's Church now lies in ruins. The pews are tossed about and barred against windows when people attempted to keep out the abominations in a futile attempt. Some say the zombie priest still roams the church.

Crucifixion of the Innocent || Ian
by Kevala Kaines
Aug 24, 2014 22:21:57 GMT -4

This hotel used to be one of the only spots in Fort York for visitors to stay. Because it has so many floors, very few Lessers have been able to get up to the higher floors, which make many of these rooms desirable spots for humans to hide out.

Fuckin' Lamps [OPEN to Humans]
by Lucas Jäger
Jul 21, 2014 21:17:16 GMT -4

The zoo is mostly overgrown and the majority of the exhibits are empty and broken. Some animals are still roaming the area, living as though in the wild, and there are few Lessers, as the zoo is locked up. There are rumors of two Vampyres, a man and a woman, who still run parts of the area, tend to the animals, and take people, humans and supernaturals, and feed them to the carnivores.

Unlikely Friends || Momo
by Momo Chikamatsu
Sept 5, 2014 0:15:54 GMT -4

Because of the chaos, convicts broke out of the jail and it is pretty empty. There are a few Lessers, but they can be easily avoided or killed. Most of the jail is intact besides places where it is evident that convicts who had made contracts with Satan demolished to escape.

Pendulum of Chains || Patience :: Complete ||
by Phoenix "Nick" Knight
Jul 16, 2014 16:35:07 GMT -4



Once farmland, the plains stretch beyond the Safe Haven and onward. This dry, cracked and dusty area is a death sentence to anyone traveling unprepared. Lessers have trouble crossing the plains, which is why there are so few near the Safe Haven, because they end up starving to death.

Smelly Tag Sales || Jada
by Jeremiah Davenport
Jun 27, 2013 13:35:46 GMT -4

Heavily guarded underground facility with doors that have proven to be unbreakable even against a horde of Lessers. The area surrounding the entrance is generally deserted and there are very few Lessers roaming around.

[PTO] While The Dog Chases Its Tail. [OPEN]
by Deleted
Jan 20, 2014 20:28:42 GMT -4

The paper mill, being so foul-smelling, was placed far away from Fort York so as not to disturb the citizens. However, it was a popular place for the small blue collar community of Fort York to work. It has since become something of a haven for the undead.

Captive || Thomas
by Gavin Adams
Aug 7, 2014 12:25:21 GMT -4

Hidden deep in the forests beyond Fort York, this great subterranean maze twists and turns in a mess of passages and caverns which lead far from the light of day. Those that wander these dark realms are more likely to fall prey to precipitous falls and slippery stone than to the undead however that is not to say that their steps might not be dogged by some vicious and dangerous monsters. Beware, these ever shifting passages are not easy to navigate; most that enter never return.

Tragically Twisted || Shadow
by Shadow
Jan 3, 2014 4:24:14 GMT -4

Marshlands and dense forests surround the O'Connor plantation. A prestigious estate on the borderlands of Fort York and the farmlands, this area remains a hot-spot for lessers and wild animals to congregate. The manor grounds are littered with the remains of both the living and the dead, the house rotting away from the flooding swamplands and un-sturdy foundation. Few humans dare to venture here, but overminds and reavers seem to appreciate the dark surroundings of the area.

Black rose petal (Envy/Gavin/Open)
by Vanitas Grimm
Jun 22, 2014 7:26:48 GMT -4

In the furthest reaches of the city outskirts lies the airplane scrapyard. The city's airport served millions of travelers over the many long years it ran, and this junkyard became littered with many discarded aircrafts that served their purpose well. This place is considered a goldmine for scrap metal and mechanical parts, and as such has been visited by plenty of safe haven's dignitaries over the years to collect what what they believe will help them survive. Although it is a far trip to reach the scrapyard, it is beyond the limits of the city; therefore little undead have been known to linger.

Whoosh! [Thomas/Envy]
by Brie "Phthonus" Adams
Jun 25, 2014 14:15:30 GMT -4



On the Easterm end outside of the city is a large dam. It was one of the largest in the country. Over the past four years, a massive fortress has been built around the dam, the dam occupying the back end of the town, which the dam powers. Within the surrounding walls rests a town touched by corruption, greed, and sin. It is the rogue equivalent of Safe Haven. One man calls the shots and in order to stay in Abital, one must pay in food and ammo. At the far end opposite the main entrance into Abital is the dam. At first glance, it appears abandoned, but three men reside within, and they are the main reason the town has electricity. When the Duke took power, they locked themselves inside, choosing to still power the town despite their hate for the Duke. Ultimately, the dam is off limits and the only reason the Duke hasn't stormed the place is because those three men inside know how to power the town efficiently. The only reason Abital has lasted this long is a secret only a select few know. Many rogues have made Abital their permanent home, but not only humans inhabit this area. There are a few Vampyres and even Overminds (though their true identity isn't known) who roam the streets of Abital.

Give Me Reason || Blaine ||
by Patience Braith Caleotti
Sept 2, 2014 3:22:25 GMT -4

This is a wooded area in which some animals still live. This is a common place for Vampyres to come and hunt, although the flesh of animals does not satiate them as well. It is a few miles away from Abital on the opposite side of the rest of Fort York, so Vampyres do not have to share this territory with Overminds. But ultimately, these woods offer a source of food to the town of Abital with it's large population of deer.

Devastating Love || Drew
by Jada Delmar
Aug 14, 2014 16:01:22 GMT -4

The lightly-populated rural area of Fort York has since died out. The small area has since become silent and eerie. Very few Lessers wander about in this area, although those few killed off most of the livestock, leaving only carcasses to rot, but the people of Abital have re-appropriated the area to offer them another source of food.

Light & Dark || Heaven
by Patrick O'Connor
Jun 18, 2014 14:44:48 GMT -4

Anywhere else in the world, past or present. Fort York is in New York State so you can plan your threads accordingly. If you wish to have a thread take place in the past, please put a [PAST] tag in the title so people know when reading. This board can also include anywhere in Fort York that isn't available in a board.

❂Tithe :: Amara
by Amara Desai
Jul 23, 2014 6:13:00 GMT -4



Samhain is a day's walk south from Fort York, accessible via the Outskirts. With the river on two sides, the other two sides are walled and patrolled by Overmind/Reaver teams. The town is part of a refurbished city, made over to have functioning utilities via solar panels on every rooftop. Water from the river is filtered via a filtration plant also powered on a combination of fuel and solar energy. Electricity is available only to the richer, and is often rationed; this way, it is used for public venues like the theater, movie theater , and wealthier stores, as well as the better homes. Plumbing is being implemented, but some of the cheaper apartments may not support this.

Affronted || Gavin
by Gavin Adams
Sept 3, 2014 13:05:08 GMT -4

The only safe zone for humans and Vampyres near Samhain, the trading outpost set a good distance outside the city allows outsiders to bring their wares and barter with supernatural sellers from within Samhain. There are guards present to keep the peace, and no human or Vampyre coming to trade here will be forced into enslavement while they are in sight.

Cumbersome Affair || Priya
by Talon Pierce
Sept 21, 2014 2:29:02 GMT -4